Demo Derby

Cannon Valley Fair Demo Derby
Tuesday, July 3rd 2018 7PM

  • $100.00 entry fee for old iron/80’s and newer, $50.00 entry fee for all other classes.
  • NO CHECKS accepted for registration at the pit gate entrance. CASH ONLY!
  • Trophies for Top 3 all classes and all payouts are 100% GUARANTEED!
  • 1099’s will be mailed for payouts of $600.00 or more.
  • July 3rd pit gate opens at 3:00 PM.
  • Technical inspection is 3:00-6:00. AFTER 6:00 YOU MAY NOT GET INSPECTED!
  • Re-inspection will end at 6:30PM!
  • ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL in PITT AREA! Coolers will be checked at pit gate!

Any questions call or text:
Adam Sanford 715-821-0772 for Full Size and Trucks.
Ben Sanford 715-760-1151 for Mid-Size and Mighty Minis.
Rules also posted on
Full rules document available for download on the CVF “Forms” page.


Full-Size/Old Iron/80’s and newer:

  1. $4000.00
  2. $1250.00
  3. $800.00
  4. $400.00
  5. $150.00

Stock Trucks:

  1. $1500.00
  2. $500.00
  3. $300.00
  4. $200.00
  5. $100.00

Mid-Size Front Wheel Drive:

  1. $700.00
  2. $400.00
  3. $200.00
  4. $100.00
  5. $50.00

Semi-Stock Mid-Size:

  1. $900.00
  2. $500.00
  3. $300.00
  4. $100.00
  5. $50.00

Mighty Mini:

  1. $700.00
  2. $400.00
  3. $200.00
  4. $100.00
  5. $50.00

General Rules:

  1. If car does not pass tech or driver is unwilling to change car to pass tech, you will stay on the trailer. NO REFUNDS! If rules say you cannot do it, do not do it! Call first with any questions.
  2. All drivers must wear full faced helmets, eye protection, full length pants and shirts and wear seat belts.
  3. All drivers must attend drivers meeting.
  4. Team driving cannot be prevented, therefore it is legal. However holding is not allowed and will result in immediate


  1. One fire, helmet falling off and roll over allowed. Second time you will be disqualified.
  2. 60 seconds to make a hit. (NO SANDBAGGING!)
  3. No hitting driver’s door allowed.
  5. All drivers must be 18 to compete, if under 18 must have a release waiver signed by parent or legal guardian.
  6. Poor sportsmanship or misconduct will result in all disqualification.
  7. All judge’s decisions are final.
  8. All glass, headlights, moldings outside and inside of car must be removed. Gas tank, batteries, etc.
  9. Must have a working seat belt.
  10. Gas tank and battery must be safely mounted inside car and covered.
  11. Please build vehicle to these rules only!
  12. Just because it doesn’t say you can’t do it, doesn’t mean you can!
  13. Inspection ends at 6:00PM, re-inspection ends at 6:30PM, No exceptions.


Full-Size/80’s and newer ($100 entry fee)   STOCK/STOCK/STOCK

  1. Any American made full-size sedan or wagon. No imperials or suicide Lincoln allowed in this class.
  2. Engine drive train- any engine transmission combo. Absolutely no protectors or braces of any kind.  Stock motor mounts only (may be wired or chained to frame).
  3. Rear ends- any OEM 5 bolt rear end with stock axels. No bracing of any kind.  Hump chains must go around the frame, not through the frame. Sliders are allowed.  Any tire/wheel combo are allowed.
  4. Suspension- suspension must operate factory springs only. 2 clamps in front of rear axle and 2 behind rear end per side on leaf spring suspension.  No other welding or bolting of any kind on suspension.
  5. Steering- All OEM steering tie rods, A-arms, spindles and gear boxes may not be reinforced in any way. After market steering columns are allowed from gear box back.
  6. Bumpers- Any bumper allowed with factory brackets only. Not more than 4 in. back from core support bolt.  Rear bumper must be 14 in. off the ground at frame rail.
  7. Frames- No seam welding anywhere! No frame shaping or reinforcing of any kind. (Fresh or pre-ran) No frame tipping of any kind.
  8. Body- Hoods/Trunks/Doors are chained only, drivers door may be welded shut. 2 chains or cable per door seam.  4 chains for hood or trunk.  Or 2 chains and ¾ in. rods for core support at hood.  3 nuts per rod.  1 in. washer per wire/chain hole on trunk or hood may be welded. You may trim wheel openings for clearance.  1 bend on trunk no more than 50% must remain in factory location.  No body shaping, you may pound rear quarters in (no wedging or dishing).  5 bolts per wheel opening.  3/8 x 1 no more than 5 in. up.  No rear window bars.  Must have factory body mounts.  9 wire is allowed 2 spots per window, 3 loops around the frame.  Not from cage to frame.
  9. Cage- Dash bar and safety bar behind the seat are allowed. No more than 12 in. behind driver’s seat. 1 bar per side connecting dash bar to bar behind the seat.  Nothing to the floor.  No gas tank protectors.  Halo bar is allowed.
  10. Pedals- Aftermarket gas tank and brake pedals are allowed. Cannot be mounted on same plate.  After market shifter and transmission cooler are allowed too.


Mid-Size Front Wheel Drive: 108 or less wheel base ($50 entry fee)

  1. Hoods and Trunks- Can be chained in 4 spots. Trunks must remain in factory position.
  2. Doors- 2 chains per door. Driver’s door may be welded shut.
  3. Bumpers- Any bumper is allowed. May be mounted with 3x3x5 in long tubing into frame.
  4. Frame and Body- No body shaping, wedging, or roof kickers of any kind. No reinforcing or welding anywhere on the frame or body.
  5. Safety Bars- You may have a dash bar and bar behind the seat no farther back than 6 in from rear of seat. No gas tank protectors. May connect dash bar to bar behind the seat with side bars.  Nothing to floor.
  6. Engine and Drive Line- OEM fuel system only (no carbs on fuel injected engines). Stock axels and steering only, no modifications. NO HEADERS!

Mighty Mini ($50 entry fee)

  1. Hoods- Can be chained in 4 spots.
  2. Doors- 2 chains per door. Driver’s door may be welded shut.
  3. Tailgates- May be chained shut with 2 chains.
  4. Engines and Drive Line- No engine protectors or transmission protectors.
  5. Rear ends- Stock rear ends only. No bracing.
  6. Suspension- Must be all stock suspension.
  7. Bumpers- Any bumper except v-bumper. May weld on.
  8. Safety Bars- You may have dash bar and bar behind the seat no farther back then 6 in from rear of seat. No gas tank protectors.  May connect dash bar to bar behind the seat with side bars.  Nothing to floor.
  9. FRAMES- Frames may be repaired with one 4”x6”x1/4” plate per side. 2 plates max per vehicle.  No other frame repair or welding will be allowed.

Stock Truck Rules ($50 entry fee)


  1. ½ and ¾ ton truck and suburban’s will be allowed in this class.
  2. 4-wheel drives must remove one drive shaft.
  3. Please follow all general prep rules.



  1. Engine cross breeding is allowed.
  2. You may have solid motor mounts that can be welded, bolted or chained to the engine cross member, Not to the frame rails. Stock OEM cross members only. May relocate.
  3. You may brace front of motor to the frame rail with 1”x ½” flat steel or 3/8” chain. No angling forward or backwards.
  4. You must start with an air cleaner over the air intake.
  5. No skid plates, distributor protectors, trans bracing, engine cradles, engine oil coolers or carb protectors.


  1. There will be no plating, boxing, doubling or adding of any cross members to the frame unless the rules say you can.
  2. If frame is badly bent you may plate one side with one 4”x 6”x ¼”plate. Limit 2 plates per rail.

Fuel Systems

  1. Follow the fuel system rules in the general rule section. The gas tank must be securely mounted in the front of the box.

Doors, Tailgates and Body

  1. Doors and tailgates may be welded 5” on 5” off   with 4” wide by ¼” thick flat steel outside seams only. Drivers door may be welded inside also. If you don’t weld them, you must chain or 9 wire them shut in at least 3 places and a maximum of 6.
  2. Box can be bolted to the cab in 4 places with 4”x4”x ¼” plates that are free floating with 1” bolt max or you can weld the cab to the box using 4”x ¼” flat steel.
  3. You may have a door plate on the outside of the driver’s side door that may not exceed 24”x1” and cannot extend more than 3” past door seams.

Cages and Halos

  1. Safety is a big concern in this class so make the inside of you cab safe. A dash bar, behind the seat bar and door bars are Mandatory. Maximum 6” tubing or channel iron may be used for these.
  2. You may have 4 down bars connecting your cage to the floor sheet metal. They can be a maximum 6”. They cannot extend past the fire wall or behind the back of the cab.
  3. No bars are allowed to attach to the firewall in any way.
  4. You may also run a halo bar directly behind the cab. Maximum  6” diameter. It may be bolted to the cab in 6 spots with 1” bolt max. It can be bolted to the bed floor and may not be bolted or welded to the frame.
  5. Kickers from your halo cannot be more than 12” from halo bar and must be bolted only to bed of truck not to the frame and must be 12” in from the sides of the box.

Body Bolts

  1. All body bolts may be replaced with a maximum 1” bolts that cannot attach to any cage components. 5”x 5”x ¼” free floating washers will be allowed for this.
  2. You may add 6 extra box bolts from the frame to the box. That are 1”max bolt or U bolts or chain. Washers for box bolts can be 6”x6”x1/4” max and must be free floating. U-bolts will count as one bolt. Both bolts of the U-bolt must go through the same 6x6x1/4” plate.

Leaf Springs and suspension

  1. Must have a stock number of leaf springs. No leafs over the main leaf. Absolutely no welding or reinforcing of mounts to frame.
  2. 4 leaf spring clamps will be allowed per leaf pack. Clamps can be 3”x1/4” and wide enough to get around the springs with 2, 3/8 bolts per clamp. No welding of leaf springs.
  3. No after market Rearends allowed.


  1. Follow the tire rules in the general rule section.


  1. You will be allowed to have 6 hood bolts welded vertically to the frame with no pig tails that are 1” max with 6”x6”x ¼” free floating washers. OR you can use 2 pieces of angle iron that is 3”x3”x4” bolted together with a maximum 1” bolt in 6 places on the hood and fenders.
  2. You will be allowed 4, 3/8” bolts per hood cut out. If sheet metal is folded over or rolled you may not weld or bolt together.


  1. No radi barrels, stock radiators in stock position only.


  1. Transmissions may be from a car or truck origin.
  2. Slider drive shafts are allowed.


  1. Any factory car or pickup bumper allowed.
  2. Rear bumper may be homemade, must be in factory mounting position. Flat only, no points or sharp edges.  Must be stock appearing.


  1. No frame seam or body seam welding will be allowed except for what the rules say u can do.
  2. Wheel well openings may be cut for clearance and may be bolted together with a maximum of 6, 3/8” bolts.
  3. You must have a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 2 bars or chains in the windshield for the drivers protection.


Semi-Stock Mid-Size: 108” Wheel Base Front Wheel Drive Only
(Dylan Johnson Memorial Run)  ($50 entry fee)

Same rules as stock mid-size with the following exceptions:


  1. Doors may be welded 5” on 5” off, with 4”x4”x1/4” flat. This includes trunk.  Drivers door may be welded on inside.


  1. Dash bars and seat bars are allowed. May be connected to each other with door bars.  Door bars must be at least 10” off the floor, cannot be connected to the floor.  Halo bars are allowed.  Gas tank protectors are allowed, must have 4” of clearance from body and frame.


  1. Engine may be mounted solid in 2 spots with 4”x1/4”x10” long at each spot (transmission mount counts as one). Headers and carbs are allowed.


  1. Suspension may be solid. No metal can be added (Weld Only).  Tie rods may be reinforced.


  1. Frames may be repaired in 2 spots with 4”x1/4”x6” flat iron at each spot. No other welding or repair will be allowed.